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Our Welcome to Summer Community gathering will be sometime in May.  If you wish to help organize this event contact any director or send an email to info@dolphinbaypcb.com.

Your board coordinated with Mr. Trash and the property owner to have our Spring dumpster delivered to the north side of Dolphin Harbour Drive across from the marina at the closed entrance to Phases III & IV.  Please limit to yard refuse so everyone has the opportunity to utilize this benefit for residents.  If you feel you can’t help yourself and dump anything else, make sure you smile big for the camera and expect to receive a fine.

 In addition to helping residents clean up their yards, we are scheduled
our Spring Garage Sale for April 22nd.  It was a great success and we would like to thank Jerry Hall for volunteering to be the POC!

Welcome our newest residents:

Greg and Tammy Cook, 802 JR Arnold Court!

Dane and Laurie Hallemeier, 7009 Starfish Court!

Welcome Jim and Lorri Barger, 7015 Starfish Court!

Dolphin Bay welcomes our new management company, Coastal Property Services, Inc.  Coastal's involvement in the day to day operations management of Dolphin Bay should be seamless and will help us more effectively run the community and allow the BOD to focus less on administative issues and more on overall improvements to our community. Their POCs are Dennis Fuller and Lynn Price.  They can be reached at 1-800-676-8350 ext. 15

WOW recently upgraded lines into our community, changing from analog to digital signals.  As a result, gate channel 5 is now 5-1 and the channel 10 slide show is channel 5-2
.  Use channels 800 and 801 with a cable box

Owners are reminded not to give out their personal gate codes. 
Having a code as one method of accessing the property is not a right, but a conditional convenience controlled by your Association. By accepting the issuance of a code, residents agree to the BOD policy of its use by your family only.  Other access is provided by the call box or clickers.  Misuse will result in the deletion of your assigned code.   Email Doug Semon at doug@dougsemon.com if you need a temporary code for contractors

Let the BOD know if you are interested in becoming an active member of our Neighborhood Watch Program.  Contact Bill Woods at 867-0913 for more info.  Remember, keep your garage doors closed and lock your car doors when parked outside in your driveway

The BOD  amended the CCRs to include restrictions on the operations of golf carts/motorized vehicles in the community.  Drivers must be licensed drivers or be under the direct supervision of a licensed  driver or one with a learners permit at a minimum and operate in accordance with state laws.  This action was taken for the safety of all those in our community. Owners are also reminded to keep off the empty bay front lots.  These parcels are private property and there is no easement to the water.  The owners have asked the board to assist in keeping trespassers off their property.  Parking on empty lots is also expressly prohibited per our Covenants.

Residents will notice the presence of BCSO deputies in the community at varying hours during different days of the week.  They are here for your safety and security and will assist us in handling recent incidents of criminal mischief as well as traffic enforcement.  They will also help enforce certain covenant issues such as (but not limited to) illegal parking and underage use of golf carts w/o adult supervision.  Deputies Tim Adkins and Chad Roswell are eager to meet you and look forward to working in our community to make all of us that live here feel 
safe and secure.  Please take the time to introduce yourself and welcome/thank them for serving our community.

Please lock the court and turn off the lights after you are done.  As a reminder,
any activity inside that area other than tennis or basketball is not permitted.



Following the lawful execution of the Dolphin Bay access agreement between the DBOA and the Marina Association, The Harbourage Yacht Club is OPEN FOR BUSINESS (Read the entire agreement here). A private club, the HYC is a members-only club. You can learn more from the website:  http://hycmarina.com/ As a reminder, all residents must register with the HYC to have open access to the marina and boat ramp, even if you do not have a boat

 The DBOA and HYC are offering up to $500 for information leading to the arrest of anyone caught vandalizing property in Dolphin Bay or the Marina

Contact any Director with information that might assist authorities in apprehending vandals

 Please take a moment to read a personal Letter from the President and visit the HOA Board pages for full details of your new Board.

  Your Board has heard your demand for improved covenant compliance over the past several years. The BOD agrees with you that Covenant compliance must be a key initiative for your Board. It is only through this process we will transform Dolphin Bay back into the pearl of Panama City Beach.  Countless proud owners have made it clear to the Board that they want our covenants enforced.

To that end, your CCAC will perform a review of all properties for compliance to Dolphin Bay covenants and will continue send out letters to all home owners whose property shows significant violation.
If you receive a notice that points out a violation we urge you to bring your property into compliance according to the bylaws of Dolphin Bay.
For detailed information on the processes and goals of the CCAC visit the HOA Committees page.

 Dolphin Bay Channel Online!!!

The presentation that Dolphin Bay residents see on their Knology cable channel 10 is now available online (use digital channel 5-2/801 on cable box). Visit the Documents page for immediate viewing.


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